March 8, 2014

Testimoni Les Privat Bahasa Inggris

English In House Training di PT. Indoporlen Bekasi

“I am Teguh Basuki. I am a Maintenance Staff. Great to learn English again. The teacher is professional. The teacher is smart and competence. I like the way she teaches conversation. It’s fun and easy understand. Thanks EPC!”

“I hope I can speak English well. Thanks EPC. “ (Subiyanto, production coordinator)

“My name is nurhasanah. I am a Finance Staff. Thanks to EPC because  I can speak and conversation English now. The teacher is nice and good teacher. The class is fun and I am happy in the class. “

“Have fun learning English with work partnerts. Never stop studying. Thanks a lot to EPC.” (Int)a, Inventory Control Supervisor)

“I want to speak English very well. The teacher helps me to study English. She helps me conversation, too. I’m happy and thank you.” (Suwanto, Assistant Manager)

“I wish I could speak English fluently so I can go to England.” (Ida, Purchasing)

“Hello, I am Lestyo. The teacher is good and smart. I enjoy and I hope I can speak English well. Thank you.”

 Wa Ode DFS

Pengajar dari Excellent Privat oke bgt, professional dan sangat ramah, jadi cepat menyerap materi yang disampaikan dan mudah mempraktekkannya makasih Excellent Privat dan mentorku kak Ratu.


Anisa, Adila, Kelas 4 SD, English Conversation class

“I am happy to study here.”


Bapak Andi, TOEFL Program

Kami                      : “Pak, tadi belajar? Gimana gurunya enak?”

Bapak Andi         : “Iya, sementara sih bagus bagus aja.”


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