Private tutor for expatriate’s needs

An expatriate in Indonesia is reaching massive number, even though they live in Indonesia, does not mean they could speak Indonesian fluently. Expatriate is one of the most powerful asset for a certain company, not only because their knowledge, the company itself need the expatriate’s capability to do innovation to improve company’s profits also some of the staffs ask them to translate an article or a letter. For an expatriate who tries to speak in Indonesian they only know basic words and they will ask some of the words to their partners who are Indonesian to help them. Some people are happy when go with the expatriates and some are unhappy with them especially being asked.

Based on this experience, expatriates feel like they are kind of intimidated and insecure while going out with the other staffs. Expatriates are not a tool to increase company’s income, they are also a human being, as a human being they must do a socialization and the most basic from it is communication. If the expatriate finds that no one would help him to communicate in some kind of situations, they have to find a private tutor for expatriate’s needs. With this solution, those expatriates will not interrupt the others and also save their time for just asking a word.

private tutor for expatriate’s needs is a staple for an expatriate who stays in Indonesia for a long time, especially when he / she is a worker. The tutorials which given by Excellent Private Center (EPC) will focus on how to speak in Indonesian fluently and how to say a proper sentence at routines or at work place. For the time and place, the tutor will follow the student’s time, so the tutor here is really flexible in any situations. The expatriates will feel they are in their house, they will feel comfort, fun, and relax because, our tutor already trained and most of them are experienced and professional tutor. They will fulfill the expatriate’s needs in teaching session. For example, the expatriate requests how to ask something to someone, the tutor is not just telling that sentence only, they will change some words from that sentence into a new one and then ask the student what is the meaning of that sentence.

Expatriate’s client that Excellent Private Center (EPC) handle is not only for a person who uses English as their mother tongue, but we also could manage client from Asian region (Such as those who came from Japanese, Mandarin or Korea). The expatriates who want to learn Indonesian and they are from Asian region, the tutor will teach in three different language (Mother Tongue – English – Indonesia). The tutors not just only do the oral exercises, they will provide reading, listening and writing skill as well so the student will remember the sentences easily.

One thing that should be remember when become of our client, since we are professional workers, we are hoping that we will have a professional work ethos also. Especially if the student / expatriate is very busy and could not make a class session, it is very recommended that mention it a day before the day they will have a meeting. If the tutor already came to the place where the class will begin and suddenly the student is unable to attend the class, the class will considered as attended.

Excellent Private Center (EPC) already had a lot of experiences in searching for private tutor for expatriate’s needs for a company there is no worry you will get when asking our help to become one of your tutor, we will gladly become one of your tutor and our way of teaching is a bit different, as we mention above, we will teach in four skills, and also we will do some activities when do the speaking skill.

Here are some activities that tutors will do while do the speaking skill:

1. Do the role play (buy something, telling directions).

2. How to make an appointment (email or telephone).

3. Do the conversation with other staff in work place.

4. Listening to an audio, and do the role-play as the tutor and student listen

That’s a few of the many ways of activities from tutor who will teach for expatriate in Indonesia. Hopefully this article could be useful. For an expatriate who wants to learn more about how to do the communication using Indonesian in the working place, you can send an sms or whatsapp to Miss Ika (+62 812-8025-5466) or Miss Nur (+62 857-1618-6634). Also, if you are interested to become an Indonesian teacher, kindly to send a resume to we challenge those who has a passion, strong willingness to teach, eager to learn something new, discipline and capable in team work to join our team. We also open this recruitment for the fresh graduate also.


Private tutor for expatriate’s needs

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