Private of Indonesian for English Expat

Les Privat Bahasa Inggris  .com is providing experienced private teacher , qualified, and creative for expat to learn bahasa/Indonesian. We serve the needs of British Expats who want to learn and deepen Indonesian. The high interest of British Expats to be able to speak in Indonesian has made ​​us to prepare interesting teaching materials. The materials can also be customized with Expats demand. It is conducted in bilingual teaching system that is English and Indonesian. And completed with teaching tools, making it easier for students to understand material being taught.

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Private of Indonesian for English Expat is for who need guidance in learning Indonesian. Indonesian private teacher will focus on guiding students to improve listening, writing, reading, and speaking skills in Indonesian. With methods that have been well prepared, a teacher will encourage students to speak Indonesian fluently. Learning place which is flexible can be discussed with Ms. Ratu, telp: 0897.9332.879. A teacher will come to a designated place. It will be In Expat’s office, at home, or in a café. And students can determine the time to learn in the morning, in mid day, or evening.

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