Les Privat Bahasa Inggris | Trusted Indonesian Course for Expats

Trusted Indonesian Course for Expats is a service provided by the teaching team of us for Senior Expats. Expats of the executive level often are not be able to or speak Indonesian at all. The Expat generally communicate using their mother language of each country. But they still need to interact with subordinates that not all of them are Expats. We know that not all of the Expats use English, or only a little English. This fact of course makes the communication between the parties becomes difficult. We are confident with Indonesian simple structure, and vocabulary that is easy to remember will help Expats easily understand Indonesian. images (11) Trusted Indonesian Course for Expats is a service provided by excellentprivat.com and crafted so that it can be implemented in various Expats originating from many countries. We have teachers who not only speak English as a main language during the learning process, but can be in other languages ​​such as Japanese, Korean, French, German, Arabic, etc. With these efforts, we believe we can reduce anxiety Expats above communication constraints and explanations for learning Indonesian. Our method is very effective for guiding stacking trusted Expats in understanding Indonesian. Coupled with course teacher who has personality and good interpersonal skills, will make the learning process fun, which in turn can accelerate the ability to speak Indonesian. Introduction of Indonesian culture is very important, and will be given during the learning process. Practically important because trusted Expats need to get along and communicate with the local community both in the office, or outside office. Please contact Ms. Ratu, Tel: 0897.9332.879 if you require a consultation regarding learning Indonesian. (NC)

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