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The increasing progress of technology in the world also accompanied by the advance of human thought and their awareness about the need of knowledge. It is as same as the way people to learn English among the businessmen and employees who work in the company. There are many requests to learn English by office workers, it has been proved that the English language is very important for the needs of the work field. Many companies are now requiring people with fluent English skills because they know that English is the language used to communicate with international people. A large company would not be possible to cooperate with only with other local company, naturally the company will also make business cooperation with foreign companies. Even now many foreign companies established in Indonesia and mostly based in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. The busy time about the activities they do, their efforts in learning English should also not stop or delayed if they really intend and serious to learn the English in the good learning process. There are a lot of ways that can motivate and support their desire to learn the English language, such as English course institution, complete guidebook to learn English by yourself, learning English through online media, as well as a program from our course such as the teacher of English for bussines in Park Royale. However, the suitable way for those who are very busy and only have a few time to learn English is to follow private course of English for bussines in South Jakarta, especially for those who live in the southern Jakarta. Through the private course, the learning process will be more focused and organized, and it is also very flexible where time and place are not determined by the course institution, but you could choose the place and time weather after office hours, on weekend, or during the  lunch, even it could be done in the office or your house.

By joining the program of English for bussines in Park Royale, you will be trained about how to learn English in the right way in order to accelerate your proficiency in English. You also will learn about the materials that are related to the job that you have to achieve a good career as you want in the future. The focus and seriousness in learning English is also highly expected to accelerate the process of learning and teaching of English proficiency. Not only that, but both you and the teachers that  teach you English should be consistent in all aspects, even in terms of time, how to learn and the targets of learning English. Learning English is not easy, especially for those who did not speak English before. However, if it is done with the seriousness and sincerity.  It will be good you join with our course who are ready to assist you regarding the issue about English language. The process that will be given to you at the learning process are as follows:

  1. Explaining the purpose in the learning process

At the beginning of learning English, the teacher will make the planning of the material purpose in the learning process and will explain to the students what is taught during the learning process. It is for an evaluation of how could the student achieve their purpose to be fluent in English. It can also help teachers to focus about the student’s ability and what will be taught next. By explaining the purpose of the learning process will also assess how much the student has the big intentions of listening to the lessons and assess the level of students’ ability to memorize and understand what has been delivered by the teacher. The program of English for bussines in Park Royale will help you proficient in English by using the appropriate materials.

  1. Provide and discuss the lesson material

English learning course concern about how to provide material that will be presented for student and it can be understood by students. The material need to be appropiate with the needs and levels of learning abilities possessed by the student. As already known, the levels in the English learning process is different, it is done in order to adjust to the field and their position in the company where they work. For the teacher in the program of English for bussiness in Park Royale, the teaching process have to be fun and interesting to avoid the bored condition in the learning English.

  1. Utilizing the fun media learning

Media is very important in the learning process to support the learning process. Media learning and teaching will be given for you which it could be a guide book in English, and we will also use audio visual as a media learning of English. Not only that, the media learning and teaching that we provide can also be a game that is suitable for delivering the lesson in the teaching process.

  1. Evaluate every lesson

Every learning process must have the result achieved from the learning process that has been done. It is to evaluate in every learning activities. Giving the evaluation for students could be practice questions concerning about the material that has been learned or make a presentation to determine to see the student’s ability in speaking English. This evaluation will be different at each meeting so that from time to time, the teachers could assess the student’s weakness and looking for ways to improve their ability to master English.

Joining the program of English for business in Park Royale will make you able in speaking English in the short time. You could choose the flexible time and place to make the good condition in learning process. If you need any information about the program of English for business in Park Royale or want to join another program of English course, you can contact us by telephone/SMS/WA at number 087885296161/ 081280255466or you can send message to our email address excellentinhousetraining@gmail.com . (SM)



English for Bussines in Park Royale

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